Online Archives of the Left: Installment 1

I love doing archival research, but it’s kind of a pain: it’s costly, time consuming, and logistically difficult. However, archivists are digitizing more and more material having to do with the history of the American left, making a lot of otherwise inaccessible material readily and easily available. Of course, there’s the Marxist Internet Archive ( and the Early American Marxism online archive ( but there are tons of smaller ones out there. There isn’t really any centralized database of these things (at least none that I’m aware of), so I’ve decided I’m going to start posting them to this blog. Nobody really reads this website, so this is mostly for my benefit, but hopefully someone will stumble upon this and find it useful.

I found this today:

It’s the online American Left Ephemera Collection in the Archives Services Section at the University of Pittsburgh. Tons of great material here from across the 20th century. A range of leftist movements and eras are represented here. A fantastic resource worth checking out.

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